About Our Vision

Paradoxys was founded officially on June 2010, but the actual formation of the company began in 2007. Twelve people set out to create a game but it ended up in a culling of the group until four remained, the product changed from a game to a company and the official founding took place a year later on the 21st of June in 2010.

We are determined with our vision as a company as it is one of our driving motives in creating games and functioning as a company:

"Paradoxys wants to produce multimedia that create an experience, which motivates and inspires people to have a critical view in order to improve themselves and the society while thoroughly enjoying themselves."

Every game that we create - or are creating - has at least something to do with our vision, whether it is a game for elderly recuperating from a fall or helping those that can't fend for their own. We're here to chip in our part to make the world a better place, that's why our slogan is "Changing the world one game at a time".
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